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Cost Accounting
Cost accounting covers cost type accounting, cost center accounting and cost object accounting. The cost center accounting includes the function IAAA (internal account activity allocation). In addition to IAAA, there is the option to post overheads to the cost objects.
Cost center accounting can be structured according to the flexible standard costing principle. Using the function "Valuation of production activity“, the valuated personnel and machine times of completed work orders are posted as statistical entries and transfer into cost accounting. The cost accounting integrates data from diverse modules such as financial and fixed asset accounting. Using the "Material valuation“ and the "Valuation of production activity“ modules, it also integrates data from material valuation and production areas.
Cost Accounting Function Overview
  • Cost type accounting
  • Cost center accounting with internal account activity allocation according to flexible standard costing
  • Cost object accounting
  • Valuation of production activity
  • Planned consolidation
  • Statistical journal entry
  • Computation rule

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