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Global Business Management


Managing disparate business units offers unique challenges and opportunities with respect to centralized or distributed operational control, enterprise-wide visibility, inter-company supply chain management, and financial consolidation. To support the needs of today’s increasingly distributed business; Epicor offers robust global business functionality within its design.


Alongside comprehensive multi-company functionality is end-to-end multi-site managementwhich provides companies with multiple facilities, flexible options when setting up operations. Some companies may prefer to run most business functions centralized within the same company but at multiple facilities, or they may run completely separate company entities with the ability to consolidate financial information at month or quarter-end. However you choose to define your business, Epicor supports transactional functions between systems and entities including inter-company transactions such as inter-company orders, transfer orders, and shipments between plants and warehouses.  Epicor facilitates these scenarios within a single application that is flexible enough to grow with you as you expand your business.  Epicor Global Business Management offers organizations the essential tools needed to create and maintain a single version of the truth.


Multi-Company Management

Epicor understands that managing disparate business units offers unique challenges and opportunities with respect to consolidation for tighter control and reduced operational cost, enterprise wide visibility, inter-company supply chain management, and financial consolidation. Epicor Multi-Company Management capabilities can assist your business in consolidating operations such as procurement and accounts payable as well as offer enhanced tools to improve operational visibility across companies.


Automation of inter-company financial transactions as well as financial recognition optimizes enterprise performance to shorten lead times on key product lines. Additionally, from a financial perspective, multi-company organizations may choose to not only report as individual entities but also consolidate multiple currencies and report across business entities to a single consolidation company.


Underpinning this functionality is a complete technology framework to support global enterprises that is scalable, offers choice in deployment, and includes a set of productivity enhancing tools designed for global business operations.


Global Multi-site Management

Best-In-Class enterprises are outpacing their competitors today with new initiatives to drive out redundancies in corporate operations. Maximizing the use of internal supply chain resources can be a key differentiator. Supply chains demand synchronization of production with distribution and logistics. This is most effectively accomplished with a single system providing visibility and consolidation of resources in multiple facilities. Companies may also prefer to run business functions centralized with separate production and distribution functions, or they may run them separately with the ability to consolidate financials at month- or quarter-end. Epicor supports both scenarios within one application. Multi-Site Management provides support for centralized accounting and purchasing, while allowing separation of production and distribution facilities. 


Financial consolidation through Epicor Multi-Company Management is only one way that Epicor Multi-Site Management helps businesses achieve their goals. For example, manufacturing and distribution organizations can leverage the planning and scheduling efficiencies with Epicor’s robust multi-plant functionality. Not only are manufacturers and distributors looking for new tools to oversee multi-plant and warehouse operations, they are also looking to maximize the use of existing resources.


Multi-lingual Data Management

Corporate growth and expansion inevitably leads to new markets and new geographies.  Epicor Multi-Lingual Management, alongside Epicor Global Configurable Engines facilitates this growth, with resource that can manage your business wherever you take it, or it takes you, with support for country-specific requirements around tax, currency and languages.  For example, an organization that is headquartered in one country can deploy applications in the native language for that country.  When a satellite office in another country needs to add users that require another language, the only difference for the user is the language.  All corporate processes that the headquarters have deployed are unchanged and no local language customizations are required at either location.


Master Data Management

As organizations grow, decentralize, or make acquisitions, the potential for multiple, inconsistent versions of the same data in different parts of the company can cause real problems with the quality, reconciliation and potential redundancy of data.  The recent emphasis on regulatory compliance, the advent of Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), and mergers and acquisitions has made the creation, stewardship and maintenance of accurate and complete master data a business imperative. Epicor Master Data Management (MDM) can help to ensure that your multi-company and multi-site data meets regulatory requirements and also provides the consistency needed for real-time distributed operations, leading to greater customer satisfaction, operational efficiency, and business performance.

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