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Human Capital Management


Epicor Human Capital Management (HCM) encompasses a range of solutions that help manage an organization's most valued assets – its employees – in a strategic and coherent manner.  Today’s HCM solutions demonstrate the progression beyond the confines of the HR department, core payroll services and human resource management systems (HRMS) to managing and developing talent and labor resources on a global scale, both strategically and cost effectively. Epicor HCM delivers the necessary software support for all employee-related functions whether distributed or centralized. This enables organizations to manage a geographically dispersed workforce in a global manner, ensuring support for various local payroll and legal reporting requirements.



Epicor Payroll handles the processing of all employees’ paychecks and provides necessary company and US governmental reporting. Comprehensive employee information and memo fields allow you to track employee personnel information, like performance reviews and outside training. Because payroll is so tightly integrated with Job Management and Manufacturing Execution, you will normally only have to review your payroll entries, make adjustments, print your checks, and then post. With Payroll, there is no longer any need to have your payroll done with an outside service, when it is so easy to do yourself.


Human Resource Management

Epicor Human Resource Management (HR) is a comprehensive solution that streamlines your HR processes. It efficiently administers applicant tracking, benefit programs, workforce training and development, complex union dues calculations and benefits, and ever-changing governmental regulations such as EEO, VETS, OSHA, and Affirmative Action Program reporting (AAP).

Online communication via your company’s intranet helps your employees stay up-to-date on their benefits, training, and life event changes. An add-on module, Epicor Employee Self-Service is designed for employee satisfaction as well as operational efficiency.


Training and Recruitment

The Training module is used to schedule courses and instructors as well as record training history, reducing the pain of your next regulatory audit.

Any organization operating under the oversight of OSHA, EPA, FAA, FDA or similar federal or state agencies is required by those agencies to provide specific training to certain employees on a recurring basis, and to certify that the appropriate training took place. Records must be maintained of training taken and when it was completed.

Training information is integrated with all other aspects of each employee, providing a complete picture of an employee’s lifecycle. It includes both internal and external classes, instructors, course outlines, and class scheduling – all captured and retained within the HCM database.


Employee Self-Service

Epicor Employee Self-Service places the responsibility for employee and manager updates on their shoulders, freeing up the HR and payroll department personnel for more strategic activities.

Epicor Employee Self-Service allows access by employees and managers from a kiosk, your intranet, or the Internet. Both Manager and Employee Self-Service are designed to be extremely easy to use, so even individuals with little or no computer skills can easily navigate through the system with minimal effort.


Employee Self-Service

Your employees can make their own elections during open enrollment without assistance from HR personnel. They can update addresses, emergency contacts, change dependents, and reprint their own W-2. They can display check detail from history, print benefit statements, verify vacation as well as other paid-time-off balances, and more.

Manager Self-Service

Managers are able to view selected employee information, post requisitions, initiate pay changes, reassign jobs, and approve time off. A manager can monitor training, upcoming reviews and produce compensation reports covering only their employees. Furthermore Manager Self-Service falls under Epicor HCM security control so a manager can only access those employees who report to them and see just the data that you’ve approved.

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