Exact JobBOSS and Exact Online JobBOSS

Accounts Receivable

Exact JobBOSS Accounts Receivables module track invoices, process receipts, and analyzes customer activity, and integrates seamlessly with the Job Control module.

  • View un-posted, posted, and historical transactions, plus complete customer, period sales, yearly sales, payment history, and receivables summary information
  • Track the customer information to improve sales and customer service, including: ship to, bill to, and statement to addresses; and credit limit, payment terms, and account history 
  • Automate customer progress payments by creating schedules and authorizing invoicing and collection of cash
  • Analyze your sales performance with receivables tracking for each salesperson or sales territory, including commissions, commissioned sales, noncommissioned sales, and cost of sales for the year to date
  • Automate processes for writing off and adjusting overpayments and underpayments, as well as create and apply debit and credit documents for open balances
  • Use a comprehensive suite of reports that can be sorted by calendar or fiscal year with on-screen display and search, or combine with Crystal Reports for greater reporting flexibility and power