Exact JobBOSS and Exact Online JobBOSS


Exact JobBOSS ERP Shop Management Software for Manufacturers

On-Premise and Cloud Software Solutions

With 21,000+ users worldwide, Exact JobBOSS is the most widely used ERP system for make-to-order, discrete and custom manufacturers engaged in precision machining, electronics, rubber and plastics, printing, food products and more. Exact offers software solutions for every shop and business model. Whether you need on-premise software, hosted, subscription-based or cloud software, Exact has a solution for you.

  • Exact JobBOSS: On-Premise Software: available by purchase, subscription and hosted
  • Exact Online JobBOSS: Cloud Software: available by monthly subscription

Exact JobBOSS advisors work with you to determine your software needs. Your advisor will recommend the optimal solution suited to your challenges, strategy and cash flow, providing you the greatest value for your business.

Now Available: Exact Online JobBOSS Cloud Software

  • Flexible cloud delivery for streamlining of tasks including logistics, CRM, production and inventory management 
  • Affordable monthly subscription and seamless integration with QuickBooks Online editions

Access to your business from anywhere, anytime on any internet enabled device.

Both Exact JobBOSS On-Premise and Online software systems automate workflows, track costs, and create alignment within areas of operation that many shops find difficult to view all together. Small businesses running on manual paper processes or Excel, who lack integration of accounting, inventory and the shop floor, see significant gains in profit and productivity through Exact JobBOSS and Exact Online JobBOSS.

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Cloud-Based (Saas), MS SQL Server, MS SQL Express

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