Global Shop Solutions

Global Application Builder

When you need something outside of standard Global Shop solutions applications, fill the need with the Global Shop Solutions Global Application Builder. GAB is a full-featured software development tool that allows virtually limitless customization. You can:

  • Create user-defined workflows
  • Re-configure screen elements
  • Add user-specific security and validation
  • Integrate with third-party products via popular networking protocols, ODBC, XML, etc.
  • Integrate with popular office software suites including Microsoft Office and Sun OpenOffice
  • Interact with Ethernet or serial-connected shop floor machining centers and SCADA packages
  • Create entirely new ERP sub-systems that are integrated with the base package

The GAB tool also allows for sharing: customers can post GAB projects onto the Global Shop Solutions GAB Forum to share programs or discuss them with other customers – a valuable knowledge exchange opportunity. Customers who don’t wish to develop extensions and applications themselves can rely on Global Shop Solutions R&D personnel to create their custom solutions in GAB.

GAB’s innovative use of business data objects removes the risk normally associated with extending your ERP system. Since the reading and manipulation of the data is done via business data objects, you are insulated from changes to the underlying data structures. As a result, your GAB programs will not break. Enjoy peace of mind, knowing that you will never be orphaned on a prior version of Global Shop Solutions.


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