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Global Shop Solutions Project Management
Control expenditures on major projects with Global Shop Solutions Project Management. Global Shop Solutions Project Management is designed for companies with very large projects that run for extended periods of time. Global Shop Solutions Project Management ties together all work orders on a project. The system captures profitability on a project across dates and assists in properly recognizing revenues by product line and actual vs. estimated costs, then posts to the general ledger. Thorough project reporting capabilities keep costs in line through a cutoff date, by project group or work order. Entire report can be saved to history, reprinted and shown on summary.

The main project ties work orders to a sales order. Projects can be viewed by work order number or by WBS (work breakdown structure).
Project grouping is a way to group together similar functions for reporting (for example, engineering costs). This is accomplished with the Project Group field on each work order operation.

The key features of Global Shop Solutions Project Management are:
• User-definable project groups;
• Group similar work order operations for reporting  purposes;
• Create project budgets by work order or project group;
• Analyze estimate vs. actual over the life of the project;
• Recognize revenue for projects by product line based on a ratio of actual costs estimated costs.



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