SAP Business All-In-One

     Strategic, Tactical, and Operational Planning

  • Demand planning and forecasting – Forecast and plan anticipated demand for products or product characteristics. Use state-of-the-art forecasting algorithms for product life-cycle planning and trade promotion planning.
  • Safety stock planning – Assign optimal safety stock and target stock levels in all inventories in the supply network. Meet your desired customer service levels while maintaining a minimum amount of safety stock.
  • Supply network planning – Integrate purchasing, manufacturing, distribution, and transportation plans into an overall supply picture – so you can simulate and implement comprehensive tactical planning and sourcing decisions based on a single, globally consistent model. This can involve heuristics and capacity planning, optimization, and multilevel supply and demand matching.
  • Distribution planning – Determine the best short-term strategy to allocate available supply to meet demand and to replenish stocking locations. To achieve this, planners can determine which demands can be fulfilled by existing supply elements.
  • Supply network collaboration – Work with partners across your supply network. Using collaboration features that improve visibility into supply and demand, you and your partners can reduce inventory buffers, increase the velocity of raw materials and finished goods through the pipeline, improve customer service, and increase revenues

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