abas Cloud | CAD Integration

CAD Integration

abas Cloud ERP solution offers an API-based Computer-aided Design (CAD) add-on that bridges the gap between ERP software and CAD software such as SolidWorks and AutoDesk Inventor. CAD integration is the foundation for field mapping, which allows users to make changes to drawings in a simplified manner. Perform updates between CAD and ERP software systems in just three clicks: one click to open the integration software, a second one to initiate transfers, and a final click to ensure it’s updated in abas Cloud ERP system.

The CAD integration platform in abas Cloud ERP solution includes the following functionalities:

  • Create flexible templates without compromising functionality.

  • Simplify interoperability with field mapping capabilities.

  • Streamline customization in a simplified, user-friendly environment.

  • Save time with preconfigured data sets.