abas Cloud | Project Management Overview

Project Management Overview

The project management module in abas Cloud ERP system provides the necessary tools to help manufacturing businesses prepare for deadlines, gather resources, and monitor the entire production process. Ensure lean production with end-to-end transparency and gain valuable insights on production-related key performance indicators such as operating costs, material consumption, scrap quantities, downtime, etc.

The project management features in abas Cloud ERP solution offer a role-based overview of all production activities including material and capacity conditions and due dates for deeper activity analysis. Comprehensive production reports deliver insights into performance and profitability. The project management module integrates seamlessly with sales, purchasing, production, materials management, and cost accounting modules to help improve planning throughout all project phases. Meet customer expectations and stay on budget.

Tailor-made, user-oriented solutions supply users with the capability for realistic process mapping. Gain a comprehensive project overview with detailed project status updates including performance, purchasing, materials, and production conditions.

The following benefits and features are included in abas Cloud ERP system’s project management module:

  • Automatically generate work order suggestions for materials planning and scheduling.

  • Maintain stock levels for all products and generate automatic work order suggestions based on inventory levels.

  • Flexible planning tools allow each product to have alternate BOMs for easy rescheduling as needed in case of material shortages or machine bottlenecks.

  • Map development projects for easy transitions from prototyping to production.

  • Manage cost control by factoring in all project-related costs with a graphical planning system.