abas Cloud | Sales Management

Sales Management

abas Cloud ERP system delivers a highly integrated Sales Management tool that supports all processes from initial quotation to order management and packing and shipping. The Sales Management functionality within abas Cloud ERP provides a complete and current view of the entire sales process to help businesses optimize deliveries and boost customer satisfaction.

The Sales management module in abas Cloud ERP solution offers manufacturing businesses all the benefits of a fully integrated supply chain system by directly connecting to all functions within scheduling, material management, production, costing, and accounting. Save time, reduce errors, and eliminate the need for redundant data entry.

The efficiency of abas Cloud ERP delivers key insights into opportunities, quotations, and stock levels to boost revenue planning performance. Multiple workflow functions allow users to prioritize quotation tracking and order processing.

The Sales Management features in abas Cloud ERP system offer the following benefits:

  • Product File collects all product information from various abas Cloud ERP modules and presents it as a single-view chart for easy interpretation.

  • Customer File shows all relevant activities relating to a customer or prospect such as sales, open activities, outstanding invoices, and tasks. The customer file also displays any opportunities and quotations in a high-visibility chart.

  • Sales Overview offers a centrally located place to manage all sales tasks with a role-based overview to view all activities at a glance.

  • Sales Center manages the entire sales process from quotation to invoice to shipping.

  • Order Management accelerates the ordering process by automatically processing quotations and web orders to sales orders.

  • Material Planning permits orders to be scheduled immediately by automatically breaking down sales order items and calculating material and capacity requirements.

  • Shipping Planning efficiently processes handling and shipping at multiple points such as material management, picking, customs, and export processing.