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Business Intelligence

Every company strives to achieve lasting success. In order to accomplish this, you need relevant information to support your decision-making processes. The key is acting, not reacting. Business Intelligence (BI) uses your data to produce reports and evaluations and identify key figures, allowing you to recognize new trends early and make informed decisions.

Identifying trends and making decisions
abas BI provides the tools you need to improve decision-making reliability and add value within your business. abas BI offers professional reporting functionality and dashboards to facilitate highly flexible analysis, giving you the targeted information you need to monitor and control your business and make sound decisions. It integrates both internal and external business data, quickly transforming it into valuable information.

Greater visibility
abas ERP lies at the core of your business processes. Dashboards give you a simple overview of scheduling and cost planning with identification of critical activities. They also provide a transparent overview of the procurement situation, showing external and internal procurement and lead times. Detailed key figures, evaluations and analysis help you manage your company as efficiently as possible.

Self-service BI
Independent analysis and reports can be generated very easily and without requiring vast technical expertise. In addition to internal company data, you can also integrate external data, allowing you to create your own data cube as a basis for your reports. With self-service BI, you can easily create your own reports and analysis without having to struggle with data modeling.

Flexible analysis for optimization or real-time and ad-hoc reporting
In order to identify weaknesses and optimize your processes, you need data to be provided in real time. With BI, intuitive ad hoc reports can be produced that you can use to comprehensively analyze events.

Standard BI reports for many areas
abas ERP offers a number of integrated standard BI reports for areas including sales, purchasing, CRM, materials management and EDI. In addition to the standard BI reports, individual reports with freely definable dimensions are available as an option.