abas ERP | Perpetual Inventory Costing

Perpetual Inventory Costing
Perpetual inventory costing in abas offers real-time inventory tracking by continually updating your inventory as relevant activities occur. For example, each time you receive an item from purchasing or produce a finished good, it’s immediately accounted for in the system. This automated process reduces how often you need to manually count your inventory.

Updating your stock in real time
Perpetual inventory counting increases your visibility into what you currently have in stock, so abas can immediately help plan when stock replenishment is required or whether or not the product is in stock to sell. The system reacts immediately to actual inventory levels by creating purchase orders, work order suggestions or automatically initiating other actions.
For example, if you receive a large sales order that will deplete inventory and requires you to replenish your stock to avoid back orders, abas, using perpetual inventory costing, will recognize that in real time and the purchasing department will have insight that the item needs to be replenished.

Inventory valuation report
abas’ inventory valuation report allows you to check the stock level and value on any given key date, and is accurate across all locations. If you do a stock adjustment during the day, it is immediately updated everywhere in the system.