abas ERP | Warehouse Management

Warehouse Management

The abas ERP warehouse management system helps you strategically map and manage the warehouses and physical stocks of your company. Using this tool, you can maintain manageable warehouse hierarchies and have an overview of your raw materials, finished products, contract processing materials, spare parts, and operational materials – for maximum productivity and cost efficiency.

Warehouse management in various locations
The Warehouse management system can create any number of warehouses and storage locations. Each location is clearly allocated to one warehouse. Different storage types can also be mapped. Strategies for storage and removal from storage can be implemented, as required. It is possible to store different products in a single storage location, and abas provides information about all items in the storage location. Products can also be posted manually, and stock corrections and revaluations of a product stock level can be made easily. In warehouse management, lots, serial numbers, and multiple bundle units are managed for each product. When posting issues, abas ERP also allows for negative stock levels.

abas ERP supports warehouse management/logistics with the following features:
  • Exact mapping of the stock structure
  • Configurable reservation scenarios
  • Simple transfer of reservations
  • Route-optimized picking
  • Preparatory shipping planning