abas ERP | Sales Management Overview

Sales Management Overview

To easily manage the complete sales process, abas ERP provides users with highly integrated sales control. This supports processes ranging from the entry of an opportunity to quotation creation, order management, and entering packing slips and invoices. The sales function provides a current view of your customer and business relationships and product sales data. It allows you to optimize deliveries while maintaining the best possible stock levels.

Sales advantages that result from a fully integrated supply chain system
When creating invoices, orders or quotations, your sales staff can access the customer master, parts master and company master. This is where the advantages of a fully integrated supply chain system are most evident. The software is directly connected to all functions within material management, production, scheduling, costing and financial accounting. Double or triple data entry is not required, enabling you to reduce errors and save a significant amount of time.

High level of customer satisfaction through efficient sales processes 
Several functions within abas ERP deliver key information about opportunities, open quotations and the current order level, allowing you to efficiently monitor revenue planning performance. The numerous workflow functions help you prioritize quotation tracking and order processing. This increases the efficiency of processes and provides for a high level of customer satisfaction.

Customer file
The customer file presents all important activities relating to a customer or prospect. It gives you direct access to information about a customer, such as sales, outstanding items, open activities and tasks. Notes, archived documents from the document management system, service equipment and ongoing service activities are also visualized in the customer file. Displaying opportunities and quotations in chart form provides visibility and highlights sales potential.

Product file
The product file collects all of the important information about a product from various areas of abas ERP and presents it in chart form in a single view.

Sales overview
The sales overview in abas enables you to manage all sales tasks centrally. A role-based overview shows you all of the assigned activities at a glance, from quotations to invoices. For example, you can analyze your operations over a designated time period, then easily toggle to other applications for further actions, such as packing slip or invoice creation.

Sales center
You can manage all sales processes from the sales center info system. The sales processes from quotation to invoice are processed, viewed and created from here. You can select, create, release or process current or already-archived sales processes according to different criteria. By connecting to info systems such as plan chart, procurement status or warehouse stock, you can easily access specific information. The sales center also controls the complete shipping planning.

Quotations as a success factor
You can create quotations easily using the data recorded in your ERP system,  then structure it with formattable text and text blocks. With review periods, you can be sure to follow up on time. You always have an overview of your ongoing or completed quotations and can analyze them efficiently and prioritize their tracking accordingly.

For many businesses, order management is greatly influenced by individual requirements, which abas ERP provides the necessary flexibility to accommodate. Complex customer structures can be easily mapped in the system. In the standard release version, it is also possible to transfer customer purchase order data through the Internet or EDI, or to determine customer-specific prices.

Order management
Quotations and web orders can be processed to sales orders automatically, accelerating the order creation process. You can also manage blanket orders for special products, deliveries, volume discounts and pricing in the system.

-Material planning and date scheduling
You can schedule orders at any time, even immediately after they have been entered. To do this, abas automatically breaks down the product structures of the individual sales order items for all levels, calculates the due dates and the quantities for all material and capacity requirements, and updates the procurement suggestions for all missing parts.

Blanket orders
Manage conditions and withdrawal quantities of products in abas ERP in customer-based blanket orders. The outline agreements are managed independently of the orders. These form the outstanding blanket orders. The blanket orders are listed and managed in cumulative quantities, including delivered, released, or remaining stock per product. This allows you to check and monitor the contracts concluded with customers at any time.

Efficient processing and handling of shipping is achieved using abas ERP at various work steps. The shipping planning function assists you not only with shipping planning, but also packaging material management, picking and customs, and export processing. Up-to-date and clear dialog information of deliverable sales orders, their processing status, and access to delivery and shipping conditions all ensure that your shipping department has the latest information.

-Shipping planning
Efficient shipping planning guarantees you the fastest delivery to the customer. Storing products for a shorter period saves you both time and money. Forecast delivery schedules can be split into multiple partial deliveries. 

-Picking list
With the help of abas ERP, a shipment can be prepared in the warehouse using a picking list. The loading list determines how the goods are to be packaged and transferred to the logistics service provider. An overview of current stock levels is provided at all times. If there are any amendments at short notice, these will be taken into account after creating the packing slip. If the delivery quantity in the packing slip changes, the number of packages is updated automatically.

-Availability check
With abas ERP, you can check the availability of minimum stock-related and requirement-related products. In addition to purchases, the ERP system also takes reservations into account. The advanced availability check for sales quickly provides information about delivery availability when creating a sales order, and displays available partial quantities in chronological order. The availability check for work orders provides information about maximum releasable quantities based on the availability of required materials, and also displays possible partial release amounts in chronological order.

-Consignment warehouse
abas ERP supports the management of consignment warehouses, allowing you to supply the warehouses directly. You can also use abas to manage deliveries via shipping companies, perform inventory management, track minimum stock levels, and create a warehouse withdrawal statement for the customer.

-Packaging material management and container management
Packaging materials are required for the shipping of materials. Particularly in the consumer goods and automotive supply industries, materials must be packed and provided with special information according to the packing instructions stipulated by the client. Reusable packaging such as pallets and plastic containers can be managed in abas. Packaging material instructions are recorded in a database, and individual movements are entered so that up-to-date stock levels can be displayed at any time.