abas ERP | One Day Upgrade Guarantee

The One Day Upgrade Guarantee for abas ERP Users.

The architecture and technical design of abas ERP ensures that, despite any modifications to the software, the upgrade path is unaffected. Consequently, abas-USA has put into place a program that not only assures the 24 hour upgrade but guarantees it.

“We are fully committed to being the long term solution provider for our customers,” says abas-USA President, Alan Salton. “Part of that commitment is to guarantee that our customers can always be on the latest version of abas ERP with little cost and effort without sacrificing flexibility.”

As your company evolves, business requirements are subject to change, the inherent flexibility found in abas Business Software matches your company’s growth, letting your company adapt to industry or customer specific requirements without impacting the standard functions or limiting the upgrade path.

“The continual development of core business functions is a significant part of the abas Business Software,” explains Werner Strub, CEO of ABAS Software, “customers using abas Business Software don’t need to worry that their system will become outdated in a few years because every year we enhance 30% of the complete software code. This means that abas users have completely new software with state of the art technology every 3-5 years.”