abas ERP | Supplier Relationship Management

Supplier Relationship Management

As many business owners know, there is a strong link between a company’s purchasing and its profitability, with purchasing playing an important role in ensuring the efficiency and long-term competitiveness of a company. Because of this, the role of the buyer has changed. Sourcing parts and materials is only one side of it; there is also an increasing need to actively forge relationships with vendors. This is where supplier relationship management comes in, helping to structure and coordinate efficient relationships and processes between a company and its vendors. It ensures that all suppliers are closely integrated with the company and also supports purchasing throughout the entire procurement process.

Managing your supplier relationships
abas ERP gives you a 360° view of your suppliers, providing effective support in supplier management. Using the vendor file, you can quickly evaluate the current supplier situation allowing you to make decisions more quickly. Users have direct access to all ongoing processes, procurement suggestions and activities of a vendor. The results from the procurement suggestions info system are also presented in a graphical format in the vendor file. It calculates the key figures for order, subcontracting, or relocation suggestions. In addition, notes and archived documents from the document management system are also visible in the vendor file. This provides the ideal basis for managing your supplier relationships. Vendor integration and renegotiation can therefore help you to reduce costs.