BatchMaster ERP B1

Regulatory Compliance

Compliance capabilities ensure that federal and industry specific regulatory mandates are met, in terms of generating specific product labeling and industry standard compliance reports.

Key Features:

  • Alert product developers that a given formula’s ingredients exceed industry established percentages or recommended daily intake levels
  • Generate product labels, certificates of analysis and lot traceability reports
  • Support Food related labeling and reporting requirements, including GMP, FDA and GFSA requirements
  • Support Chemical related labeling and reporting requirements, including GMP, SARA Type III, REACH, HAZMAT, SDS, MSDS and INCI requirements
  • Personalize all labels and reports
  • Support the special processing and reporting of allergens and organic ingredients, as well as Kosher and Halal products
  • Bi-directional lot traceability and lot recall letters
  • Maintain change records for all formula, bills of material and batch jobs