BatchMaster Manufacturing | Master Requirements Planning (MRP)

Master Requirements Planning (MRP)

BatchMaster Material Requirements Planning optimizes the procurement of raw materials. Once a production plan is firmed up, MRP can be used to create purchase orders based upon demand from Firm planned MPS orders, open production batches, sales orders and forecasts.

MRP reports give planners a consolidated view of demand, sources of supplies and MRP generated orders. Confirmed purchase requirements within BatchMaster MRP will generate the required purchase orders, which initiate one’s procurement process.

Key Features:

  • Easily create purchase orders based on demand
  • Employ the Visual Workbench to view procurement orders by item, warehouse, and vendor
  • Schedule Intermediate batches required to meet MPS production
  • Run MRP by Warehouse, or by an item or a range of items across warehouses
  • Extensive reporting, including expedite reports, to manage the entire procurement function