BatchMaster Manufacturing | Formulation Management

Formulation Management

Formulation manages the formula specifications of intermediates and finished goods, including co-products and by-products. The formula consists of ingredients, required QC steps, special manufacturing instructions and costs. All ingredient weights, volumes, physical and nutritional characteristics are rolled up into the formula. Ingredients costs and labor costs are used to calculate the formula costs. Note that bills of material used for finished goods packaging or configurations are managed in a separate Bills of Material module.

Formulation is used during product developers to create, analyze and approve formulas. This same formulation functionality may be used again by production staff whenever batch formulas need to be adjusted to meet QC standards.

Key Features:

  • Include items with theoretical characteristics
  • Use physical and nutritional data from USDA and Genesis databases
  • Embed Costs
  • Embed Quality Control Tests
  • Embed Manufacturing Instructions
  • Define Losses
  • Dynamically adjust ingredients to meet target characteristics
  • Analyze and compare formulas
  • Manage multiple formula versions
  • Employ workflow approval processes

What Formulation can do for You!
In BatchMaster Manufacturing, your formulas are managed separately from your packaging bills of material, rather than together in a single finished goods specification. As a result, you can have multiple product developers work on your formulas and packaging separately, reducing the overall number of specifications that need to be maintained.

Formulation reduces your time spent on tedious, error-prone manual calculations in designing, updating and approving formulas to meet your customer specifications.