BatchMaster Manufacturing | Quality Control

Quality Control

Quality capabilities are found throughout the production and distribution processes to ensure that raw materials to finished goods meet your corporate and customer’s strict quality standards. Establish standardized QC procedures that address the inspection of vendor delivered goods, batch jobs in WIP, intermediate inventory in the warehouse, and finished goods inventory ready for customer delivery.

Quality managers can establish a library of QC tests, which will be added to formulas and packaging bills of material specifications by product developers. On the production line, QC tests are presented to line personnel, who record the QC results, and based upon the results, will make the appropriate adjustments to the batch job formulas. Receiving personnel will be presented, capture QC tests of received goods and then disposition the goods based upon the QC results.

Key Features:

  • Define QC test accepted values, tolerance values, sample and recount values 
  • Mandate the execution of QC tasks in receiving and production
  • Generate separate QC test documents
  • Capture QC tests via mobile devices
  • Analyze QC tests results
  • Generate customized Certificates of Analysis

What Quality Control can do for You!
You can establish library of standardized QC tests against intermediates and finished goods, including co-product and by-products. Analyzing the QC tests results will enable you to rank suppliers, identify and improve your current manufacturing processes, and identify and correct any out of tolerance pieces of equipment. Most importantly, by consistently meeting your high quality standards, you can minimize customer chargebacks that impact your bottom line.