BatchMaster Manufacturing | Samples Management

Samples Management

The Sample Management module creates the formula and packaging specifications for new products requested by either internal or external sources. Sample development is an optional precursor process to the formulation and packaging bill of materials processes. Sample Management identifies the requestor, their profile, specific product requirements and then tracks the progress of this new product from request to acceptance.

The Sample Management is used by product developers to create, analyze and approve new formulas, packaging and finished goods.

Key Features:
  • Define requestor profiles
  • Define both formula and packaging items in a sample specification
  • Track material, packaging and R&D costs per sample
  • Track all communications with customer contacts, including email capabilities
  • Similar to Formulation, formulas can be built with 
  • Items with theoretical characteristics
  • Items that have physical and nutritional data from USDA and Genesis databases
  • Embedded Costs
  • Embedded Quality Control Tests
  • Embedded Manufacturing Instructions
  • Defined Losses
  • Sample forwards experimental formulas to Formulation for additional processing, including 
  • Dynamically adjust ingredients to meet target characteristics
  • Analyze and compare formulas
  • Manage multiple formula versions
  •  Employ workflow approval processes
What Sample Management can do for You!
Sample Management is separate from the Formulation and Packaging Bills of Material Modules, which allows you or other product developers to focus just on creating new products, rather than maintain existing ones. By tracking all inside sales or customer requests, management gains greater insight into product trends.