BatchMaster Manufacturing | Master Production Scheduling (MPS)

Master Production Scheduling (MPS)

Master Production Scheduling (MPS) provides a master plan for what you need to produce, how much and when to produce it. Your open production orders, sales orders and forecast entries are used as finished goods demand, and your inventory levels, batch production jobs, and receipts are considered as supply. MPS generates an accurate, detailed schedule of orders across one or more plants, based upon this granular view of supply and demand.

Planners have a calendar view of planned orders with drill down, analysis, grouping and rescheduling capabilities. Through planning dashboards, planners can create a relation between demand and supply and determine why and when an item is required.

Key Features:

  • Establish short, medium and long range planning periods
  • Consolidate supply and demand of facilities
  • Perform “what-if analysis” while planning production
  • Perform demand to supply pegging as well as supply to demand pegging
  • View time-phased aspects of required production, based on forecast and demand
  • Schedule MPS processing on a frequency or calendar basis
  • Auto conversation of MPS orders to purchase orders and batch production jobs

What Master Production Scheduling can do for You!
You can maintain optimum inventory levels thus minimizing carrying costs. With MPS creating the optimal number of batch jobs required to meet current and forecasted demand, you can meet your customer service promises, in terms of perfect orders and delivery dates.