Bizowie Cloud ERP | Overview

Materials Management Overview
Inventory Control
Bizowie’s Inventory Control suite allows full-cycle management of your inventory – from finished product to raw materials, packaging, and consumables. 

Location Management
With Bizowie’s Inventory Control module, the location of inventory is never a mystery. Track inventory across warehouses, zones, and bins. Keep tabs on in-transit, inbound, docked and cross-docked inventory. Designate locational priorities and triage locations to keep warehouse activities running smoothly.

Replenishment Management / Materials Planning
High-volume operations can easily manage material requirements across multiple locations with Bizowie’s requirements management. Analyze inbound sales orders, global min/max levels, warehouse min/max levels, reorder points, manufacturing needs, and other requirements. Easily fill needs with transfers, cross-docks, purchase orders to vendors, and drop ships based on material requirements. Notify purchasing staff when planned replenishments won’t arrive in time to fill planned demand.

Lots, Serial Numbers & Expiration Dates
Bizowie’s Inventory Control module provides full tracking of controlled items, including lot numbers, serial numbers, and expiration dates.

Landed Cost
Get the full picture of your inventory costs with Bizowie’s support for direct and indirect landed costs. Apply direct (invoice-level) shipping costs automatically, and easily apply indirect (customs, duties, taxes, freight forwarding, etc.) costs from other invoices.

Track accrued rebates based on vendor contracts as sales and fulfillment activities occur, and easily create AP invoices.

Warehouse Management
Mobile, barcode-based interfaces to common warehouse activities such as picking (discrete or zone/wave-based), packing, shipping, loading, receiving and put-away. Gain insight into bottlenecks and employee performance.