Bizowie Cloud ERP | Overview

Production Management Overview

Bill of Materials
Bizowie’s Bill of Materials allows easy management of your item’s BOM. Multiple revisions, phantom items/BOMs, optional/configurable line items, and unlimited levels of subassembly detail are all supported out of the box.

Planning & Scheduling
Bizowie’s Production Planning module allows easy tracking of available labor and machine time, automated scheduling of work orders, and easy reporting on over- and under-subscribed work centers or days.

Process Manufacturing
Bizowie’s Process Manufacturing functionality is a great fit for manufacturers in food and beverage, chemical, plastics, or other process-specific verticals. Split planned work orders into batches, accurately track inputs based on actual picks/variable UOMs, and track planned versus actual yield and scrap, directly within the system.

Job Costing
Job shops can quickly and accurately gain insight into their margin’s with Bizowie’s job costing framework. Inventory, labor, machine time, and vendor costs are automatically tracked throughout the process, providing quick insight into job, customer, category, and rep-level margins.

Time & Attendance
Track time through clock-in/clock-out or traditional professional services timesheets. Accurately capture expense reports and mileage through the same interface. Quickly report on summary data and export information for use in your payroll system. 

Manufacturing Execution
Capture data from your shop-floor with our barcode-based Manufacturing Execution interface. Display work instructions and job-level/routing-level details, capture information, and allow employees to pick inventory and record production activities.