Bizowie Cloud ERP | Overview

Sales Order Management Overview

Bizowie’s Estimation module makes it easy to create estimates for bespoke and configured items. Quickly put together a multi-level BOM (including existing parts, new parts, labor, 3rd-party services, machine time, and more), apply standard markups and margins, and generate custom printed estimates and proposals directly from the system.

Order Entry & Quoting
Bizowie’s Order Entry is designed to be simple and easy for your staff to work with, while providing a full suite of functionality. Quickly select items by SKU, name, catalog lookup, barcode scan, or onscreen customer history. Pricing is calculated based on predefined rules and can be overridden by designated staff. Easily access Available-to-Sell and Available-to-Produce numbers and dates without leaving order entry.

Order Management
Bizowie’s Order Management functionality makes it easy to manage your sales order load, whether you accept tens of orders per day or thousands. Automatically push orders to queues based on status, handle backorders with ease (including customer and order level rules for management of partial shipments), and leverage in-depth reporting.

Credit Management
Extend credit lines to customers and automatically place orders and customer accounts on hold based on user-defined rules, including due to overutilization of credit, past-due invoices, or other negative account activity.

Bizowie’s Sales Order module provides full-cycle management of returns, from authorization to receipt of returned goods.

Service Work Orders
Track field service activities and easily create invoices with Bizowie’s Field Service Work Order module.

B2B Customer Portal
Bizowie’s modern, user-friendly B2B Customer Portal allows B2B customers self-service access to common activities, including reviewing your product catalog and pricing, placing orders online, paying invoices, and tracking shipments. 

Shipping & Fulfillment
Bizowie’s Shipping & Fulfillment module provides end-to-end management of fulfillment activity. Manage scheduled outbound shipments, leverage carrier integrations to eliminate manual data entry, plan and manage route shipments, and print documentation directly from the system.

Electronic Proof of Delivery (POD)
Record deliveries in real-time using mobile devices. Capture receiver information, GPS location, timestamp, and signatures at the time of delivery, and cross-reference with invoices for easy reference in your customer claims process.

3PL Integration
Seamlessly connect with third-party warehouses through Bizowie’s 3PL integration layer. Synchronize orders, tracking information, stock levels, and receipts, and treat your 3PL facilities as a fully integrated warehouse.