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Genesis Today Case Study by SYSPRO ERP Software


As a provider of premium nutritional products in a period of increasing health consciousness, Austin-based Genesis Today experienced an extraordinary growth phase that pushed their business into new dimensions. Ron Tennell, Genesis Today CFO, attributes this phenomenal growth to the purity of our products and the complete control from farm to shelf.” Genesis Today needed a software solution that could support the precision and excellence inherent in the company, and could do so for the long haul. They found this solution in SYSPRO. Genesis, which means birth, beginning, to start anew,” now has the control, efficiency and visibility it needs to continue on its journey to help make the world a healthier place.

About the Company

Genesis Today, headquartered in Austin, Texas, manufactures a variety of natural health supplements for internal cleansing, internal regeneration and the support of specific problems, such as weight loss, joint health, immune health and healthy sleep patterns. Established in 2001, the company’s current line of products was offered to the retail market after two-and-one-half years of testing. 

According to Dr. Lindsey Duncan, Genesis Today CEO, Unlike other nutritional supplement manufacturers, our programs are not developed in a sales or marketing department, but rather in very well respected and prestigious nutritional clinics. The program development process is overseen, tested and validated by a group of experts from the medical, naturopathic, nutritional and scientific field. No copy-cats with Genesis Today – only products that have an organic reason for being. Our goal from the beginning is quite different than most companies. We do not wish to be the biggest supplement company; we desire to be the very best and the most respected and loved by our customers. We view our company more as a healer than a marketer.” 

The Situation

Genesis distributes approximately 150 different SKUs of nutritional products in the form of liquids, powders and capsules to distributors and retail establishments throughout the U.S., Canada and KoreaU.S. to fill approximately 4,000 orders per month from 3,700 customers, excluding any direct sales to individuals. primarily. Genesis currently utilizes approximately six primary manufacturing facilities and three different warehouse locations throughout the 

Genesis, which had been using QuickBooks, had grown 1,030% from 2004 to 2006, becoming the fastest growing company in Austin, according to the Austin Business Journal awards presented in 2007. Our growth clearly required a new software system that enables us to track the status of an order from booking through invoicing while handling a great deal of line item data,” says Ron Tennell, CFO at Genesis Today. 

The Solution

After inputting the company’s requirements to an on-line service that analyzes available software packages, Tennell was presented with six alternatives, all were investigated. SYSPRO was the winner based on: the availability of a good CRM module that interfaces with the accounting side; the price competitive nature of the offering; the multiple modules that could be added as needed; and the reputation of problem-free upgrades. 

Benefits & Results

After implementation of the SYSPRO software Genesis realized the wisdom of its selection. Just as Genesis Today was formed to truly make a difference in people’s lives,” SYSPRO software, it seems, has truly made a difference at Genesis.

The company now has the ability to monitor the volume of orders going through the system allowing management to staff distribution correctly, project monthly revenues based on bookings, monitor back order situations and do daily comparisons of salesperson goals versus actual accomplishments. 

The query functions within SYSPRO allow for the creation of just about any report imaginable, enabling us to provide the sales department with information relating to various markets and customer base inquiries not to mention the support of other departments and the creation of reports when our annual audit rolls around,” says Tennell. 

In addition, he notes that that the SYSPRO CRM interface with SYSPRO accounting has been a major improvement over the company’s old system where data had to be entered twice for sales software and then again on the accounting side. 

The marketing campaign tracking available through the CRM system has even allowed analysis of the effectiveness of our promotional efforts. The multiple security options has also permitted some very fine tuning of whom has access to what,” notes Tennell. 

When asked to quantify Genesis Today’s return on investment since implementing SYSPRO software, Tennell replies, All I can say is that for the two years we have been running SYSPRO, we have experienced a net income of 2,200% of the cost of the software and licenses.”

He concludes: It is very difficult to put a cost savings number to what SYSPRO has meant to our company as we simply would not have survived the growth pressures put on our infrastructure without it. We would have cratered long ago! For a lower to middle cost software, the power and effectiveness generated has been most rewarding.” 

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