Cetec ERP | Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable

  • Direct integration with material receipts and outsource POs for accuracy and reconciliation
  • Automatic identification of invoices to be paid
  • Easily view all PO receipts of material that have been received into stock but not yet billed (receipt transaction: DB inventory / CR Accrued Liabilities; voucher transaction: DB Accrued Liabilities / CR Accounts Payable
  • Automated voucher process leveraging three-way match (between PO, receipt, and bill)
  • Voucher workflow/approvals - configurable voucher approvals process to manage A/P clerical voucher entry versus voucher approval and payment processing. Voucher is entered by A/P clerk, system attempts three-way match (between PO, receipt, and invoice) to unlock approval, if no match then voucher is manually or automatically queued via Workflow to Accounting mgmt for approval, approval unlocks ability to pay down voucher. Workflow configuration exists to either always explicitly require voucher approval, or to never require it.
  • Aging reports based on due date and/or invoice date
  • Automatic segmentation of intercompany activities from trade payables
  • Automatic transactions across ledger from voucher to payment to check run
  • Ability to track true invoice dates
  • Ability to process non-inventory, outsourcing, and/or service invoices
  • Process all payment types (credit card, wire, ACH, system check, paper check, cash)
  • Print checks directly from system on blank check stock
  • Check runs and batch printing from check register
  • Bank reconcile across all payments
  • Bank account reconciliation statement import
  • Credit card transaction import
  • Manage system generated debit memos, vendor prepayments, credit card payments to vendors