Cetec ERP | General Accounting

General Accounting

  • Full integration with business operations means no redundant data entry and fewer mistakes
  • Comprehensive support for standard costing, average costing, actual costing, FIFO costing -- based on customer preference.
  • Budgeting module - enter monthly budget values and report period values, differences, and difference percentages month to month or YTD
  • Multi-currency support with home currency for general ledger and configurable transaction conversions based on daily peg per exchange rate
  • Run standard reconcile processes, e.g. absorption rates, accrual postings, retained earnings, transaction details to ledger value, inventory reconcile, A/P reconcile, A/R reconcile, bank account reconciliation, credit card statement reconcile, etc.
  • Foreign currency & exchange rates - select any “home currency” that will drive your general ledger and primary financials; this will be the default currency for your transaction, and will also represent the currency symbol used by default across the system. Then, set up any number of separate currencies; any active currencies you set up will appear in select boxes for you to choose from when performing transactions. Exchange rates may be defined for any active currency you have; Cetec ERP runs an automatic daily peg to update those exchange rates per the global exchange rate database.