Cetec ERP | Bill Of Materials

Bill Of Materials (Infinite Levels)

  • Store bill of materials (BOM) records in the system per BOM revision, including multi-level BOMs and subassemblies, component material requirements, estimated cost rollups, labor plans, routers, documents/drawings, and more. Store permanent BOM definitions, make template BOMs during quoting, copy BOMs and import BOMs from Excel or CAD/Solidworks output, modify temporary BOMs within the context of a specific order.
  • Phantom BOMs - Duplicate assemblies as a phantom BOMs to preserve flexibility between engineering dicated BOMs versus BOMs used for production. Set BOM flag to “default” the setting to use the phantom BOM instead of the regular BOM during production. Set an assembly to “phantom” to collapse all constituent components and any constituent subassemblies, flatten their component definitions out and bring each component up in line with the top-level kit; avoid generating extra paperwork for subassemblies marked as “phantom”.