Cetec ERP | Inventory Management

Inventory Management

  • Tackle any inventory tracking challenge, from high-mix / low-volume environments with thousands of part SKUs to metal and plastics processors with specific piece measurement and dimensional inventory requirements.
  • Complete auditability of all inventory movement in the system, whether due to incoming receipts, bin movements, outgoing shipments, or inventory adjustments (with configurable reason codes), including date-time stamp and username responsible for inventory transaction.
  • Work in process (WIP) tracking all materials, material cost, employee labor, labor cost, time, and overhead involved in production in real time.
  • RMAs - Robust and integrated RMA module to handle returns, refunds, rework, repairs, and replacements. Tie RMAs to source invoices or issue one-off RMAs.
  • ASN - set up EDI for ASN (Advanced Shipping Notification); setup automatic email notifiers per customer in the system.
  • Actual Costing Traceability - Capture receipt cost of raw material, track through material allocation per receipt through to orders, track through subassembly production across any number of levels, through to top-level finished goods. Analyze material estimates versus actuals, true build costs and order/item profitability.