Cetec ERP | Mobile Warehousing

Mobile Warehouse (Receiving/Picking/Shipping)

  • Empower smaller teams to efficiently manage any volume of receiving, material allocation, and shipping with barcode scanners, mobile printers, and mobile tablets.
  • Perform incoming receiving inspections at receipt of product, log failures, auto-generate non-conformance reports upon failed inspections.
  • Alert your receiving clerk upon receipt of material to deliver parts directly to shop floor for hot orders pending parts, instead of putting material away into stock.
  • Modernized cycle counting and full inventory programs with mobile tablet support for periodic inventory validation; drive cycle counting from mobile warehousing setup with iPads and/or tablets.
  • Bin location & FIFO management - inventory in bin locations on a first in / first out basis, so that oldest receipts are suggested to be consumed first.
  • Consignment warehousing - Store inventory in separate “consignment” warehouses and take advantage of vendor consignment programs.