Cetec ERP | Configurable Manufacturing

Configurable Manufacturing Modes

  • Lean Manufacturing - The Cetec ERP production module was designed with lean manufacturing and Just In Time principles in mind; the system is built around need for quick turn, flexibility, and reduction of WIP to increase cash flow. Organize your shop floor, track orders in production, identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies, get real time monitoring of orders going over estimates, and improve the overall efficiency and productivity of your business.
  • Discrete Manufacturing & Job Shops - a powerful and flexible business platform to help you easily fulfill a wide variety of customer and/or internal product demands. Track and fulfill orders quickly in Cetec ERP. Stay nimble, provide excellent customer service, automate boring tasks, and get product out of the door. Fulfill a variety of customer and/or internal product demands, including MTO, ETO, CPQ, CTO, Build For Stock, Finished Goods Distribution, Raw Materials Distribution, Subassemblies (Kan-Ban), and more.
  • Process Manufacturing - fulfill a wide variety of product and manufacturing demands, including process manufacturing. Control inventory, achieve total traceability across your product mix, and increase efficiencies. Cetec ERP is proven to support the needs of process manufacturers with strict regulatory requirements from the FDA, including Bakeries, Cosmetics, Food, and Chemicals.
  • Build To Stock - Build orders for subassemblies or finished goods to stock to keep on shelf until you sell them. Upon completion of build-for-stock work order, raw materials are depleted, and finished product is automatically received into stock as a finished good at the appropriate cost/value based on the true cost of the build-for-stock work order.
  • Medical/Military/Aerospace/Food - Cetec ERP enables businesses to compete effectively in regulated markets (e.g. Medical, Military, and Aerospace) with strict customer and certification requirements (e.g. ISO 9001, ISO 13485, AS9100, API Spec Q1/Q1, FDA requirements, UL, etc.) for process control, material traceability, and production control and traceability. The system builds in automated tools so you can meet requirements more efficiently and at lower costs than your competitors.