Cetec ERP | Production Scheduling & Capacity Planning

Production Scheduling & Capacity Planning

  • Job Schedules - automatically generate and deliver schedules of work based on all open orders and respective demand at every work location or machine on your floor, in addition to representative capacities at each work location or machine. Mark stages in production as complete to update the order schedule.
  • Set finite capacity constraints to optimize work order schedules. Make sense out of complex material and labor dependencies and better anticipate customer needs. Run what-if production scenarios to inform capacity/personnel decisions.
  • Finite scheduling - run work orders through the Cetec ERP finite scheduling engine for an optimal allocation of shop floor demand against shop floor capacity, based on order due date priority. Based on scheduling engine logic, suggested schedules are automatically created for work order release to production, and start/stop times for each stage of production. Prevent over-allocation of capacity; optimize your resources and stay ahead of scheduling issues.
  • Infinite scheduling - define basic parameters assuming best case capacity (i.e. “infinite capacity”) to generate a simple, reliable work schedule and a baseline for production managers to work from.
  • Gantt Chart - View suggested work schedule per order or per work location in table format or with an interactive, zoomable Gantt chart. View production schedule by work order, listing suggested scheduled demand at work locations over time; or view production schedule by work location, viewing suggested scheduled demand against individual orders at each work location over time.