Cetec ERP | Time Tracking, Job Costing, & Outsourcing

Time Tracking, Job Costing, & Outsourcing

  • Actual material costing - track cost of raw material through material allocation per receipt, through to work orders, through subassembly production across any number of levels, through to top-level finished goods. Analyze material estimates versus actuals, true build costs and order/item profitability.
  • Work order actual to estimate costs - track true build costs (material, labor, overhead, charges, and outsourcing) on work orders; reconcile actual invoice/order costs against estimates to understand true profitability.
  • Clock in/out of jobs to track labor/overhead time, drive actual build costs based on default or specific labor/overhead rates, drive summary reporting of shop floor visibility, worker time and productivity.
  • Outsource PO link to work order - attach outsource POs, i.e. subcontracting work, to one or more work orders. Meet subcontractor minimum price break requirements by placing a single PO to fulfill outsource requirements across multiple work orders. Pass outsourcing costs through to the work orders that “consume” the outsourced service to drive accurate and detailed build costing analysis.