Cetec ERP | Work Order Documents

Work Order Documents (Barcoded Traveler, Pick List, Drawings)

  • Automatically generate work order travelers upon order entry for work order routing. Scan into jobs and scan to update work locations and start work time (labor/overhead).
  • Serialize raw material, serialize finished goods, print barcoded serial labels for product to store in inventory and ultimately pick for orders. Cetec ERP achieves maximal product traceability with less effort and paperwork.
  • Scan receipts to pick parts on a work order, control picking accuracy and increase efficiency
  • Stay efficient, organized, and clean. The only document management system you need is already built into your ERP system, saving you time spent chasing through file naming schemes and spreadsheets. Attach documents/drawings as early as the quoting process; documents flow through on related business objects to be accessible to relevant personnel at anytime during the transaction lifecycle. Shop floor workers can access part drawings attached by engineering to the BOM on the fly while in a work order.