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Cetec ERP offers world class manufacturing web-native ERP As A Service for $40/user. Its powerful design and modern delivery make it unique among its peers, and provide manufacturers with a technologically advanced platform to increase both capacity and efficiency.

Companies run faster on Cetec ERP. By providing a single, integrated platform that can be deployed in the cloud or on your local server, Cetec ERP represents a simple but powerful solution (more for less) and the highest value enterprise system to companies looking for a true path forward for their growing manufacturing operation.

Cetec ERP is always up to date, a system designed ground up for manufacturing. Run your company entirely on a web browser - a new and easier way to do ERP software.

Product Overview

CRM & Sales Management: CRM and sales management functionality is fully integrated, so there is no duplicate data entry, no integration difficulty, and no additional cost/project headache.

Manufacturing Quoting: Proven quoting processes, BOM estimation, and job costing tools help you acquire visibility to key metrics such as won or lost business, sales personnel performance, order/item profitability, and more.

Order Tracking & Fulfillment: Cetec ERP’s powerful and flexible business platform helps you easily fulfill a wide variety of customer and/or internal product demands.

Purchasing & MRP: Cetec ERP streamlines the procurement process, cutting through complex dependencies of supply chains and material needs to help you buy strategically and optimize cash flow.

Inventory Management: Tackle any inventory tracking challenge, from high-mix / low-volume environments with thousands of part SKUs to metal and plastics processors with specific piece measurement and dimensional inventory requirements.

Mobile Warehousing: Empower smaller teams to efficiently manage any volume of receiving, material allocation, and shipping with barcode scanners, mobile printers, and mobile tablets.

Shop Floor: Manage diverse shop floor environments, including labor and overhead tracking, electronic routers/travelers, and mobile data collection stations, helping your shop stay organized and efficient.

Planning & Scheduling: Simplify work order scheduling and planning. Cetec ERP production management tools help you make sense out of complex material and labor dependencies and better anticipate customer needs.

Document Management: Stay efficient, organized, and clean. The only document management system you need is already built into your ERP system, saving you time spent chasing through file naming schemes and spreadsheets.

Quality Assurance & ISO: Integrate your quality system directly to your ERP, eliminate paperwork, and automatically fulfill ISO and related certification audit requirements.

Accounting / Financials: Link your manufacturing operations directly to your accounting processes, and track transactions granularly, which are posted to the ledger in real time as they are processed in the system.

Custom Reporting: Take advantage of the wealth of data captured in your ERP system, and earn back hours of valuable management time spent preparing reports.


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Cloud-Based (Saas), MySQL

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