Cetec ERP | Advantages


Cetec ERP provides unmatched integration and feature-breadth on a single unified platform, from CRM to purchasing and supply chain, to production and quality, to accounting and financials. Delivering a true cloud SaaS model, you can keep your ERP system continually updated on the most technologically advanced system available, with no fear of falling behind.

The entire ERP is housed within a practical web interface, so you can complete all tasks across every department within tabs on your web browser. The system was designed from the ground up specifically for manufacturing, the system enables you to solve the headaches you deal with as a growing manufacturer with one simple, practical solution that has everything built in.

While Cetec ERP wasn’t designed specifically for any one industry, it was designed to help people build things efficiently. That means that Cetec ERP fits a wide variety of industries, from metals to electronics, plastic injection, pet food, medical device packaging, aerospace, lighting equipment, tool fabrication, signage, and many more.