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Custom Development & Integration

Cetec ERP is a software framework that can adapt to your business processes. Customizable ERP software enables you to quickly change process to achieve new measures in markets with strict and diverse manufacturing regulations.

Cetec ERP provides your company with flexibility to adapt quickly and affordably to opportunities for new business and growth. Any custom development will inherit from the core Cetec ERP framework, extending the program to meet specific requirements without fully locking your business into a dead end software process.

This methodology enables Cetec to sustain the software structure needed to ensure you always receive latest releases and upgrades (which are included in your subscription cost), while still allowing you to set your own behaviors, so you don’t have to develop your own internal custom system. It is an ERP structure, but it is a structure we adapt to you.

Some business opportunities need a special process; others require tracking a specific piece of data. Cetec will work with you to codify ideas into systems that flow from collection to reporting, directly integrated to your Cetec ERP platform. Traditional 'knowledge experts' provide process enhancements and structures in extensive documentation; consulting projects too often deliver little more than a final presentation. Rather than forcing you to read through endless PDFs, we work towards usable, defined solutions, leveraging our industry experience to create defined software processes that emphasize solutions over presentations.

Some examples of custom development and/or integration include:

  • Custom templates/labels, custom
  • Ecommerce integration
  • EDI, FTP, automated data feeds
  • Shop floor testing equipment & data automation
  • Shop floor machine integration
  • Custom process automation
  • Custom field tracking

Contact us for a detailed quote for custom development of your Cetec ERP instance.