Cetec ERP | Local/Resident Hosting

Cetec ERP In House Services

Local/Resident Hosting

Cetec ERP may be installed on local hardware, running within your corporate network or on a cloud provider of your choice.

Resident hosting requires the following:

  • A dedicated Linux environment.
  • Suggested server specs for a company with 1080

    -Dell PowerEdge R420 Rack Mount Server
    -Dual 2.4 GHz CPUs, Dual Power Supplies, 32GB RAM
    -RAID 5 for Hard drives (with hot spare)
    -24/7 NextDay Support, 5 year warranty

    *Note on disk space recommendation depends on what storage is available either on your hardware or on your VM, and how many documents you are planning on storing within the Cetec ERP system.
    The above recommended specs typically will come with a few terabytes of disk space. 1.5 TB of disk space is recommended.

The fee for Linux operating system installation and Cetec ERP installation and configuration is $3,500. Hardware related setup and/or compatibility issues billed separately.

Cetec ERP charges a flat rate of $99/month for our resident hosting support plan. The plan includes critical patches and softwarerelated server support. Resident hosted Cetec ERP system updates/releases occur per customer request. Any network or hardware issues unrelated to the Cetec ERP application are not covered by the $99 resident hosting monthly support cost, and are to be handled by the your hardware or IT service provider.