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Training is a catchall which encompasses both direct user training (how is a task performed) and also process consulting (what is the best way to model a task). Process consulting usually begins during the sales and discovery process and continues through user training as users are instructed on how to perform existing job functions in the new environment.

Training meetings are typically held weekly, and focus on a distinct area. Employees whose job functions include that area are included (or at least key stakeholders who will be responsible for internal training), and will have access to a Cetec ERP environment where they can practice the skills covered in the respective training sessions. This environment will be populated with the recurring data loads, which not only provides the users with familiar data for interaction but also helps to validate that the data loaded is accurate.

Job training checklists may be assigned as “homework” for you users to prepare ahead of time, allowing you a measurable method of gauging readiness of your team to successfully reproduce their current processes in the new Cetec ERP system.