Chempax | Zeller + Gmelin Corp.

Case Study: Zeller + Gmelin Corp.

The Solution: Chempax Software
Industry: Specialty printing inks manufacturing

About The Company
Zeller + Gmelin Corporation, a leading international manufacturer of UV high-quality specialty printing inks for the graphics industry with a history of more than 130 years of UV research and technology experience.

The company had outgrown its SNAP process manufacturing software and was looking for a replacement solution that was robust, flexible and would allow a smooth changeover. In addition, Zeller + Gmelin needed a way to provide remote access from its nine branch locations to link the entire enterprise for a more efficient operation.

The Solution
The company chose Datacor’s Chempax software to replace SNAP. Chempax provided all the features currently used in SNAP as well as many others that were needed. Chempax was easy to use, gave us access to critical business information and linked our nine branches. “Chempax has made us run more efficiently by giving us the flexibility to get the information we need, when and how we need it,” says Zeller + Gmelin IT Manager Lisa Schlyer.

Zeller + Gmelin significantly improved operations. Chempax’s functionality eliminated steps, yielded more accurate data and streamlined our processes which increased our productivity.

“We chose Chempax for two reasons: the stability & longevity of
the company & the flexibility of the application.”

Lisa Schlyer, IT Manager, Zeller + Gmelin