Copps Industries

Case Study: Copps Industries
Solution: Deacom ERP
Industry: Industrial Epoxy Resins / Adhesives
Copps Industries is an ISO 9001-2000 Certified Custom Epoxy Resin Formulator who has been formulating and producing for the civil engineering, aggregate/mining, electrical/electronics, and adhesives markets since 1979. Guided by their commitment to environmental responsibility and an obsession for quality and excellence in all that they do, the Copps mission of “if it is not in the best interest of our employees, our customers, and the environment, we will not do it” keeps them focused on providing the finest, most consistent epoxies on the planet.

The Situation
The addition of new large-scale clients and vendors brought a host of new issues to Copps Industries that couldn’t be easily met with four systems managing regulatory docs, lab, production, and accounting. According to Matt Copps, Accountant at Copps Industries, “There was simply no easy way to handle Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and electronic Purchase Orders (POs), as required by our vendors. The best we could do was scan dot-matrix print outs and e-mail them.” Their production system, which was no longer being supported, wasn’t integrated with their accounting software, either. Data had to be manually re-keyed by employees into each system and automated tasks were mostly non-existent. “There wasn’t an internal flag to indicate if something was off,” says Copps, “And our DOS-based system actually used to lock up if two or more people were in it at the same time.”
The Solution
In order to reduce these inefficiencies and improve responsiveness to existing and future customers, Copps Industries initiated an integrated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software project to centralize its business processes. Copps’ lack of an internal IT department, however, mandated the need for a simple software system. “We did not have the staff to handle a complex system,” says Copps. “So ‘easy’ was the theme of our search: easy drill down, easy maintenance, easy interface, and easy implementation.” The decision to choose Deacom was based on DEACOM’s total integration of chemical specific business processes in one, easy-to use system. “DEACOM didn’t require any add-ons and its interface was the most straightforward,” explains Copps. “Also, we felt more comfortable with DEACOM’s fixed implementation structure. We knew our implementation fee upfront, without any additional surprises.”

Results & Benefits
After licensing the DEACOM System, Matt Copps assumed the onus of implementation manager in addition to his accounting responsibilities for the four-month implementation period. He worked with Deacom’s data conversion team to convert the data from their existing systems, including account and item master files and transactional data. Business processes were then planned, reviewed, and re-designed with a Deacom implementation specialist. Even without the help of IT, the implementation process was manageable for Copps. “DEACOM support was very responsive to my inquiries. They always let me know what was going on in the background,” said Copps.
With DEACOM now fully installed, Copps Industries controls its sales order entry, purchasing, lab and regulatory documents, inventory, production, and accounting in a single system. Order entry was the first area of the business to see drastic improvements. EDI and vendor requirements are now met with a built-in toolbar that allows users to e-mail and print POs to PDFs, write template letters, and store electronic documents throughout the system. Full integration gives Copps Industries the ability to trace records to meet ISO standards simply through detailed drill-down views and secure, enterprise-wide controls. Integration also eliminates manual entry between production and accounting, so Copps can report real-time financials. “Instead of dealing with cumbersome, end-of-the-month reconciliations, I’m now able to focus wholly on our business performance and budgeting,” said Copps.
While updated functionality is an important aspect of an ERP system, Copps Industries owner, Pat Copps, sees having one point of control to run the business as the most critical element. “A single system allows us to be the first to get a new product to market, the first to lean our operations, and the first to accommodate new technology,” says Copps. “Speed, in combination with our advanced, in-house formulation and production capabilities, lets us compete very well in the marketplace.”