Provides a filtered list of only items requiring action by the user 
Calculates demand based on scheduled sales orders, scheduled production jobs and indirect requirements. (Indirect requirements are defined as the quantity of materials required to satisfy suggestions for the displayed item in the Bill of Materials. Ex: a raw material used to make a finished good will have an indirect quantity showing in MRP if a sales order for the finished good is entered.)
Production jobs are not required to see the material requirements for a specific raw material - scheduled sales orders are taken into consideration when calculating MRP.
Looks at the demand for items, based on sales orders, production jobs, or reorder points, and projects the usage of intermediates and raw materials based on that demand and the active default bills of materials for all items.
Can be used to provide two different views of the supply and demand for items.
A single bucket (which may or may not be filtered by a specific time period) displaying all the supply and demand for items including unscheduled purchase, job and sales orders, even if they do not have a due date assigned.
Multiple time buckets (days, weeks, and months) based on the due dates assigned to purchase, job and sales orders in the system. This approach is useful when dealing with items requiring a significant lead time.
Users can create PO’s and jobs directly from MRP