DEACOM ERP | Support

ERP is not just about software – it’s also about the services that implement and support the software. Deacom’s service teams leverage deep industry knowledge to help customers meet the rapidly changing demands of today’s global marketplace. Deacom’s team experience will help your organization identify your operational needs and architect a simple solution to achieve your business goals faster and at a low cost.

The DEACOM support team provides on-demand support to ensure that you realize all the benefits of the DEACOM solution. All support team members are Deacom employees based out of our headquarters and have substantial DEACOM experience. Each support issue is logged in DEACOM’s Support Tracker and is visible to you throughout their life cycle. If you feel a support specialist is not handling a support issue correctly, the Deacom management team is always available to escalate an issue. The support team is also available to review your organization’s requests for enhancements to the DEACOM software. All requests are thoroughly reviewed by Deacom and, when approved, are built into the DEACOM software.  Support team hours are Monday-Friday 8:30 AM – 5:30 PM EST.  Emergency contact numbers are provided for off hours as well as a comprehensive web portal ensuring 24/7 support.