E2 Manufacturing | Data Collection

Data Collection

Gather and analyze time and attendance information more easily and accurately then ever using Data Collection, E2's shop floor data collection program. View labor costs in real time and eliminate the errors associated with traditional job-posting methods. Track time by employee, operation, machine, or job. Data Collection offers the flexibility to enter time using touch screen, time clock, and manual or laser gun readers to precisely track employee and job routing information. 

• Track job costs, pieces and scrap with up-to-the minute precision.
• Eliminate hard-to-read manual time tickets.
• Guarantee accurate job costing with bar-coded job travelers.
• Prevent time from being posted to wrong or closed jobs.
• Compare time in the building with time spent on jobs.
• View routers, drawings, and other attachments online - create a paperless shop floor.
• Use Work Queue so employees can see the next job to run.