E2 Manufacturing | Job Costing

Job Costing

Shoptech E2 MFG manufacturing system offers the tools needed to monitor jobs and track costs in real time with its job costing module. Gain the ability to instantly view and track every job’s cost and schedule as it moves through the production process. Monitor hours of labor consumed, machine time, materials used, etc. for increased efficiency and profitability.

The job costing module in Shoptech E2 MFG MRP system fully integrates with all the other modules in E2 for a seamless production planning experience. E2 makes all the necessary data readily accessible to help manage a profitable and lean manufacturing shop. Compare actual results with pre-job estimates to make necessary improvements.

Shoptech e2 MFG manufacturing resource planning solution offers the following benefits and features in its job costing module:

  • Instantly monitor costs and project profits.
  • View and track job costing data in real time.
  • Compare actual costs to estimated costs for improved quoting and profitability.
  • Track material consumption, machine use, labor hours, etc. on actual usage.
  • Easily monitor data for labor rates, material costs, burden rates, machine time, profit and loss, and much more.