E2 Manufacturing | Shipping


Shoptech E2 MFG MRP system provides manufacturing businesses with the essential tools needed to automate the shipping process. Gain the ability to get products out the door quickly using limited manual labor. Meet deadlines and strengthen customer relationships. The shipping module in e2 streamlines the entire shipping process with full transparency to help manufacturing businesses package and distribute products efficiently and cost-effectively.

The functionality in Shoptech e2’s shipping module reduces labor requirements and costs via automation. Generate shipping labels and other necessary documents automatically as soon as a job is marked completed. Documentation can be customized to meet specific needs such as quantities ordered, shipped, and back ordered; shipping and billing addresses; purchase order numbers; carrier information; and complete bill of lading among other criteria.

Shoptech E2 MFG manufacturing resource planning system’s shipping module offers the following benefits and features:

·       View parts added to inventory with specific shelf and bin locations.

·       Boost customer satisfaction with automated shipping schedules.

·       View and calculate shipping and handling charges for specific parts.

·       Monitor overages and send unused parts from the job back to the shop floor.

·       Provide instant updates of shipped products to customers with real-time tracking functionality.

Manage multiple shipping addresses for customers. 

• Improve your on-time deliveries and collect your money sooner!
• Am I meeting customer due dates?
• What is my percent on-time delivery?
• How often am I early? How often am I late?
• How many shipments did I make today, this week, this month?
• What is the value of those shipments?
• Analyze your deliveries by: customer, part number, product code, or work code.