Data Collection

Shoptech e2 MFG MRP system includes an extensive Data Collection module designed to help manufacturing companies make fast, informed decisions and to better manage resources. Gain complete transparency into material and labor costs for an improved bottom line. E2 harvests information from work centers, employees, materials, and products in real time to help facilitate confident decision-making.

Improve efficiency, cut costs, and increase margins via the Data Collection module. E2’s Data Collection module provides valuable insights into the productivity of work centers, shifts, and individual team members. Quickly identify material waste and bottlenecks in the easy-to-use dashboard.

Shoptech E2 MFG manufacturing resource planning system’s Data Collection module offers the following features and benefits:

  • View profitability by job in real time.

  • Monitor jobs via information gathered through scannable barcodes.

  • Instantly access updates on material levels.

  • Track employee time and productivity with an integrated time-clock function.

  • Have the option to update data using scanners or other automation, or update manually.

  • Permit employees to input such data as job number, work center, setup time, materials scrapped, etc. from the shop floor via mobile devices.

  • Input planning and engineering time before a job begins to account for all costs.

  • Leverage batch-level entry function to input multiple jobs at once.