Executive Overview

Executive Overview is a comprehensive dashboard within Shoptech e2 MFG MRP system that provides accurate, real-time views into all areas of the shop’s performance. The Executive Overview module is collaborative and shareable. With access to the dashboard, management teams have the information they need to make informed, quick decisions and gain the ability to create a more productive and collaborative shop.

Shoptech e2 MFG manufacturing resource planning system equips executives with thorough insights into the shop via the following dashboards:

Financial Analysis Dashboard

View every aspect of the shop’s financials in real time. Address cash flow issues before they arise with up-to-the-minute accounts receivable, accounts payable, and cash balance updates. View economic efficiency by tracking income and expenses for the last 12 months.

Cash Flow Analysis Dashboard

View all projected cash inflows and outflows. Gain the ability to view cash flow crunches in advance to help avoid any future potential cash flow crises.

Sales Analysis Dashboard

Gain valuable insights into the entire customer base to determine the source of sales revenue and plan future expansion accordingly.

Customer Analysis Dashboard

Have all customer data in one place from quotes and past orders to returns and customer profitability. Determine the quality of customer relationships based on analyses.

Vendor Analysis Dashboard

Instantly review vendor performance such as accounts payable, projected vendor expenses, YTD purchases, and overall vendor quality.

Shop Floor Analysis Dashboard

Improve efficiency and productivity with the ability to view shop floor key performance indicators as a whole or by machine, employee,  job, etc.

Quality Analysis Dashboard

Increase profits and reduce rework costs by tracking all corrective actions, non-conformances, and customer feedback with real-time data.